Andrea Del Risco

CEO and Developer

Industrial and Systems Engineering and Computer Science @ Georgia Tech

3 Years Implementing Software Solutions for Retailers

Andrea has worked closely with major U.S. and international retailers in her previous role as a software consultant. This experience has taught her how to work with key decision makers in the IT sector of retail, how to draft solution designs, and how to test software for quality. Additionally, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of human proportion and garment construction through her various artistic pursuits.

Ileana Del Risco


Marketing and Finance Major @ University of Central Florida

Interned at Edward Jones

Ileana is a finance and marketing major who has experience with market research and financial analysis. She has two years of experience in customer relations, most recently with Edward Jones. Her sociable personality and versatility makes her a great marketer and COO.



Catalina Del Risco

Textile R&D

Textile Technology Major @ North Carolina State University

Interned at Patagonia and Vans

Catalina has experience testing fabric properties and analyzing fabric construction for performance. She has interned with Vans and Patagonia with their respective material development teams. Through these internships she has not only applied her textile knowledge through testing fabrics and working with mills, but also learned about the retail industry from a corporate perspective. She is currently working on a capstone project to come up with sustainable fabric alternatives to the nylon/spandex blend used in swimwear garments.